Young women in the box by Mary Cassatt

Young women in the box by Mary Cassatt

The places most visited by Cassatt, not related to her creative activity, boiled down to visits to friendly lounges and theater lodges. The theater is one of the “tastes” for the impressionists of the territories, and the artist could not only come in contact with the theater world, but also participate in “catching fleeting moments” on a par with fellow men in the shop.

The canvas “Young Women in a Lodge” is executed in the tones of a tender young peach, which underscores the blossoming spring beauty of young people looking cautiously at the adult world. The girls have not yet experienced the taste of a secular society filled with the brilliance of diamonds, expensive clothes, the latest gossip, they look at this whole “gilded world” with a curious, interested gaze; in the near future, obeying the requirements of etiquette, emotions on the faces will no longer be expressed so frankly.

As models for this work were compatriot Cassatt – Mary Ellison, in company with the daughter of Stefan Mallarme, a famous poet, first Parnassus, and then one of the leaders of the Symbolists.

The painting emphasizes the skill of the artist, who managed to organically combine the details of the composition, and is one of the typical works that represent the genre of impressionism.

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