When Will You Marry by Paul Gauguin

When Will You Marry by Paul Gauguin

When Will You Marry – painting by Paul Gauguin, written by the artist in Tahiti in 1892. Over half a century belonged to the family of Rudolf stechlin, was exhibited at the Art Museum in Basel. In 2015, the painting was sold to the museum department of Qatar for a record 300 million dollars.

Gauguin arrived in Tahiti in 1891, hoping to find the “Garden of Eden”, untouched by civilization, where it was possible to appeal to the basics of primitive art. Really disappointed, but Gauguin turned to the image of the brightest colors of tropical nature, and native of models, not chained Christian morality.

Painting “When is the wedding?” Was written in 1892, when Gauguin took for himself Tahitian wife – Tehaamanu – when she was 13 years old. Plain wedding was organized kinsfolk Tehaamany for which marriage with white was a great honor. Tehaamana model was a huge number of paintings by Gauguin his first Tahitian period. The canvas was completely customary for the type of Tahiti in the West, like the picture, but Gauguin was allowed to receive funds from their own friends.

On the front and the middle ground a lot of attention is paid to the land, executed in rich green, yellow and blue colors. The background occupies a tropical landscape with small figures to scale, made in the same color combination, with the sky is given in a yellow color. Two ladies’ figure shown on the right front and the middle ground.

The female figure, the coming towards the viewer, wearing a Tahitian outfit – open blouse and colorful shawls, her posture is very whimsical. The lady behind her wearing a dress on a more serious fashion, propagation, Christian missionaries, with a collar. H. Maurer her gesture was associated with Buddhist wise, perhaps bearing a danger or warning.

Features persons deliberately stylized, but the lady in dress More serious personal traits, her face is placed in the optical center of the canvas. The color of her dresses – orange and pink – is different from all the other objects in the picture.

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