The Temptation of Adam and Eve by Jacob Jordaens

The Temptation of Adam and Eve by Jacob Jordaens

Painting of the Flemish painter Jacob Jordaens “The Temptation of Adam and Eve.” The size of the picture is 185 x 221 cm, canvas, oil. This canvas of the Dutch artist is known also under the other name “Fall”.

In the 20-40s of the 17th century Jordaens worked in the studio of Peter Paul Rubens. He was more of a colleague than a student of Rubens, although the art of the great artist inspired Jordaens long enough. Jacob Jordaens, like Antonis Van Dyck, took part in the creation of monumental compositions, on which Rubens was at that time working, for example, “Jesus is in the

house of Simon the Pharisee” and others.

During these years the artist performed a number of religious compositions, including altar paintings. Throughout his long life, Jordaens did not stop working for churches, he also created pictures of religious content on private orders. The famous painting of 1663 “Jesus among the scribes” testifies to the great inner power of the artist’s painting.

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