Family portrait by Jacob Jordaens

Family portrait by Jacob Jordaens

Painting by artist Jacob Jordaens “Family Portrait”. The size of the painting is 178 x 152 cm, canvas, oil.

In the period of his late work, Jordaens continued to work, creating paintings in various genres, such as, for example, “Neptune abducting Amphitrite”, “The Bean King”, “Expelling the merchants from the temple,” “Family Portrait,” “The Feast of Cleopatra.” And Antonis van Dyck, and Jacob Jordaens during his work experienced the influence of the many-sided creativity of the great Rubens. However, neither the refined van Dyck, nor

the more prosaic Jordaens equally lacked the healthy moderation of Rubens.

However, in the genre scenes and portraits, the characters of Jordaens are endowed with physical and moral health, and are usually written from life. In the art of Jordaens, festive entertainment was always combined with a shade of prosaic detail, but in the late period of creativity this combination disappeared, which gradually led to the loss of the artist’s creative identity, the adherence to purely external decorative tasks.

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