Date by Pablo Picasso

Date by Pablo Picasso

The quivering picture “Date” is one of the remarkable works of the author. Another point of reference, another leitmotif, which will be here and there flashed on Picasso’s canvases. And this leitmotif is a hug.

Unusual plastic, when one person stretches to another, coming into contact with the contours of his body, glaring, pressing in, to be remembered more than once by the master. It is noteworthy that in Moscow there was even an exhibition devoted to paintings from different years, where Picasso captured his arms.

The painting “Hugs” is written in a pronounced impressionistic style, which is determined, first of all, by a specific technique – vigorous brushstrokes, color contrasts, devoid of smooth transitions and semitones, a special transparent atmosphere and a lot of interpretable plot.

It seems that the author wanted to express the plot as concisely and as dryly as possible – there is not a single superfluous detail, an unsubstantiated hint. The viewer sees a poor situation, of some state-owned premises, probably a hotel. From furniture only a chair and a bed, empty walls, bare floor. And in the midst of this situation – two people, passionately clinging to each other. And although the author did not leave us any program, the mood of the picture is somehow desperate. Feels imminent trouble. Two loving people should part, and although it is not clear to us why – maybe a man is called a fatherly debt, or maybe just poverty takes them away on opposite sides of the same river, called life.

In its mood, the picture is very similar to Astor Pyazzolla’s tango, full of drama and hopelessness. A sort of last passion on the edge of the abyss.

Amazingly, Picasso himself hardly put such a deep meaning into this work – he was still young, his first love was still ahead, as were the military upheavals of the turbulent 20th century. However, art sometimes makes such amazing jokes, transforming an ordinary genre impressionistic picture into a kind of symbol that subsequent generations gaze intently at. Or maybe this is the magical gift of a creator who is able to anticipate and anticipate?

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