Autumn fields by Lydia Isaakovna Brodskaya

Autumn fields by Lydia Isaakovna Brodskaya

Nature wisely distributes propensities to various kinds of human activity among people. And although the phrase “family tradition” is used widely enough, not always, for example, in parents-artists, children become continuers of their business. Family tradition in art still implies the presence of an innate talent in a young creature.

Lidia Isaakovna Brodskaya was born in the family of a famous painter. And this contributed, but did not determine her desire to engage in visual arts – she was endowed with a talent for this kind of creativity and her life proved this. Relatively late, L. Brodskaya

became a volunteer at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the Academy of Arts.

She studied, of course, with her father, I. I. Brodsky. However, the decisive influence on the work of the artist N. P. Krymov, a wonderful native landscape painter and teacher. Apparently, from the communication with him, the image of nature for L. Brodsky becomes the main theme of her work. Thin, lyrical landscapes of the artist from the corners of the Urals, Siberia, the Far East, Ukraine and the central Russia bring the deserved recognition of colleagues and art lovers. She is a corresponding member of the Academy and People’s Artist of the USSR. And this is also a family tradition.

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