Fortune Giving Love by Guido Reni

Painting by Bologna painter Guido Reni “Fortune, bestowing love.” The size of the painting is 188 x 155 cm, oil on canvas. The mythological work of Guido Reni depicts the

Saint Cecilia by Guido Reni

Painting by Italian artist Guido Reni “Saint Cecilia”. The size of the painting is 94 x 75 cm, oil on canvas. Cecilia, a Christian saint of the Catholic Church, lived

Saint Sebastian by Guido Reni

Italian painter Guido Reni is a supporter of the Bologna school, also known as an engraver. One of the most popular themes of the Renaissance among painters was the martyrdom

Self Portrait by Guido Reni

Self-portrait of the Italian painter, master of Bologna academicism Guido Reni. Portrait size 54 x 42 cm, oil on canvas. Actually, this portrait of the artist has its own name

Baby Beating by Guido Reni

Picture of the master of the Bologna academicism Guido Reni “Beating up babies”. The size of the painting is 268 x 170 cm, oil on canvas. Bethlehem beating of babies