Saint Jerome and the Angel by Guido Reni

Saint Jerome and the Angel by Guido Reni

Painting of the Italian painter Guido Reni “Saint Jerome and the Angel”. The size of the painting is 278 x 238 cm, oil on canvas. The artist’s deeply religious composition represents the ascetic of St. Jerome in a cave for translating the Bible into Latin.

Saint Jerome is an angel, inspiring and helping him in difficult work. The composition is dominated by the imposing figure of St. Jerome, wrapped in rich red draperies. Reni’s desire for naturalism is manifested in the image of the graying hair of St. Jerome and his flabby body, and is marked by the influence of Caravaggio.

Devout, often even ecstatic paintings of Renee made him one of the greatest masters of the early Baroque, when they used dramatic movement and rich color to achieve particularly expressive effects.

However, the compositional techniques and colors of Reni are based on the classical education gained by the artist at the Carracci Brothers Academy in Bologna. Thanks to his subjects, Reni’s paintings were very popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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