Moses with the Tablets of the Law by Guido Reni

Moses with the Tablets of the Law by Guido Reni

At the beginning of the 17th century, students of the Bologna Academy, that is, students of the Carracci brothers, as well as followers of Caravaggio, came to the fore in Italian painting. In the works of Renee, both these directions merged.

This canvas depicts received the divine commandments of Moses. The powerful and inspired image of the prophet emphasizes his scarlet robe. Clouds running across the sky reinforce the exciting and solemn moment of an event in which nature is involved.

Artistic passion of Renee brings him in spirit to Caravaggio, from whom he took not only contrast lighting, but

also the ability to emotionally sharpen what is happening in the picture. So, the deliberate dramatization of the image, which was characteristic of academics, turns into a living human emotion in the painter.

At the same time, Renee conveys the universal scale of the event and endows the person with that inner height when he can talk to God.

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