Mary Magdalene and the Angels by Guido Reni

Mary Magdalene and the Angels by Guido Reni

Picture of the master of Bologna academicism Guido Reni “Mary Magdalene and the angels”. The size of the painting is 234 x 151 cm, oil on canvas. Myrrh-bearing wife Mary Magdalene, the most faithful follower of Jesus Christ, healed from the “seven demons”; first honored to see Christ resurrected.

The memory of Mary Magdalene is honored on July 22. Angels, in Jewish, Christian, Muslim mythologies are disembodied beings, mediators between God and people. The word angel is used in the Bible in various ways: in relation to the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and in relation to people-prophets, priests and bishops of churches, and in relation to soulless objects and natural phenomena when they are heralds of God’s wrath.

The whole history of the people of God is accomplished in the service of the angels, and they are, at important moments, the Old Testament patriarchs and the righteous: Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Tees. Nun, David, and Lot, and others. In the New Testament, angels serve Jesus Christ and His Church: they proclaim and glorify the Savior’s birth, serve Him after temptation in the wilderness, proclaim His resurrection and ascension, are apostles, have to be participants in the future Court and so on.

The image of angels was a subject of art according to the Old Testament: winged angels were depicted on the Kivot of the Covenant; in the temple of Solomon, two large angels with wings covered the whole space.

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