Girl with a fluffy scythe by Ivan Kramskoy

The rebellious “Wanderers” mainly rebelled against the limitation of the subject’s freedom: the creators wanted to choose themes for their canvases, “voicing” new problems, offering a new aesthetics. “One of

Pasechnik by Ivan Kramskoy

A sunny morning in the apiary, a colorful, almost fabulous beekeeper patiently waits until his wards bees finish gathering nectar from wildflowers to mow down “unnecessary” and extra plants. The

Reading by Ivan Kramskoy

1863 was marked for the painter Kramskoy not only by creating around him a group of artists who refuse to write on the subject academic canons, which soon will be

Unknown by Ivan Kramskoy

Painting of Ivan Nikolayevich Kramskoy “Unknown” was written in 1883. This is a half-length portrait of a young woman sitting in a stroller. The lady is dressed in the latest