Olive Tree. Valley of Ariccia. In the park Ariccia by Alexander Ivanov

Olive Tree. Valley of Ariccia. In the park Ariccia by Alexander Ivanov

In the town of Ariccia from the XVII century there was a huge park adjacent to the ancient palace of Chigi. At the end of the XVIII century this park evoked the enthusiasm of the great German poet IV Goethe.

By the middle of the XIX century the park was already completely started, its centuries-old trees grew and were interwoven with ivy, the paths disappeared behind the bush and grass, and in some places the lush vegetation formed an impassable thicket. At this time, Ivanov obtained permission from the owners to visit the park. It is inspired by the mighty beautiful olive trees growing in the ancient park. He does a lot of sketches, prepares materials for paintings.

In the mighty trees of the park, Ivanov notices a smooth rhythm in the slopes of the trunks and their rounded crowns. He is looking for a motive in nature capable of creating a grand and integral impression.

In the picture “In the park of Ariccia” the image of the lawn in the foreground makes it possible to retreat from the huge trees and show them entirely, from roots to the top, with all the bends and interlacing of branches, thick foliage and powerful trunks. In the center of the picture is a gap through which the sky and the surrounding distances can be seen. The symmetry in the construction of the picture creates the impression of balance, tranquility and greatness.

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