Walking on the water by Alexander Ivanov

Walking on the water by Alexander Ivanov

The famous painting “Walking on the Waters” by artist Ivanov painted with whitewash in combination with watercolor on brown paper in 1850.

The master of the brush decided to illustrate an episode from the Bible, in which the apostle Peter observes with great surprise how the water moves Jesus. While in complete amazement, Peter begs his Teacher to have mercy on him and give him the opportunity to come closer.

Calm and pacified Jesus tells the apostle to approach him. Peter obediently obeys, but he is frightened by the sudden wind. Under the weight of his body Peter goes to the bottom, and Jesus helps him to get out and reproaches Peter for having little faith in him, because such doubts were pulled under the water.

Representing the plot of the picture, the artist very harmoniously combines the technique of performance. The figures depicted on the canvas are only light-air silhouettes. The color solution of the canvas is very diverse, but there is no search of tones. The robe of Jesus that develops in the wind, as well as the rising waves visually give the picture a barely noticeable movement, enliven it. There is one more particular detail on the canvas: the painted episode on the left forms the outlines of the boat that has tilted.

The play of light, which gives a fragment of brightness, radiance and even some mysticism, has a huge influence on the apperception of the image depicted on the canvas. Such little tricks of the manner of the artist’s performance enable the viewer to experience unforgettable emotions from contemplating such magnificence. This masterpiece of art pacifies a person, makes him spiritually wealthier. When working on a picture the artist used not only the color scale, the play of light, he put a piece of his soul into it.

This picture has an amazing property: it fills the contemplator of a wonderful “biblical sketch” with inner light.

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