Nurse with a child by Alexei Venetsianov

Nurse with a child by Alexei Venetsianov

In this picture, Venetsianov creates a vivid and convincing image of a Russian peasant woman, full of high poetry and truth. Laconism of the composition gives the work a monumental, significant. In the foreground, majestically filling the space of the canvas, depicts the nurse with the baby.

The alternation of the round lines of the kokoshnik and the face gives the work the impression of completeness, clarity. Immobility and attentive look of the heroine create a mood of solemnity. The type of her face is distinguished by the nobility of features, the vivacity of a stern gaze. Venetsianov rejects everything that could make the image everyday, moreover, it introduces elements of idealization. In particular, she depicts a girl in a festive sundress.

The artist makes images of his models more festive in the future. It is interesting to pay attention to a number of techniques used by the artist. First, we are talking about staging a model with a characteristic “Raphael” tilt of the head; this technique can be found, for example, even in the pictures “Peasant girl with a sickle in the rye”, “Milkmaid”, “Bathers”, “Reapers”.

Secondly, Venetsianov highlights the face and figure of the girl with light. Thirdly, here, as in many other works, the heroine is dressed in a festive Russian outfit, that is, this image is somewhat idealized. Already in the canvases of the early period, Venetsianov turns to the works of classical art. Although he creates very specific images.

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