Child with a Whip by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Child with a Whip by Pierre Auguste Renoir

The painting “A child with a whip” was painted by the artist in 1885. Pierre Renoir was then over forty, he achieved a lot. His work had great fame, the paintings were valued by society very highly.

At that time, eminent artists did not paint portraits of children, or painted them, showing children as adults. Thus, the portrait did not show the inner world and mental state of the child.

Renoir had his own approach to writing children’s portraits. He was always amazed at the childish emotions and feelings. The children on his canvases look very lively, which is typical of the younger generation, children at that time constantly strive somewhere, they are very curious. In the children’s portraits of Renoir, the children remain themselves, retaining all the features, while, like many other artists, they are endowed with the features of adults, which causes contradictory feelings in the viewer.

In this picture, a small girl is depicted full-length, holding in her hand a small snout. If you carefully examine the girl, you can immediately conclude that she is not from a poor family. She is well dressed, she has a clean, light-colored dress, beautiful shoes. But the dress of the heroine is not as important as her face. The artist played on the contrast, he portrayed the girl’s face very realistic, and the rest is depicted with a characteristic blur impressionist impressionists. Because of this, the face seems voluminous.

When the viewer looks at the girl, he has the feeling that she wants to tell him something. The heroine went about her business, walked on the street, but for a moment she froze and paid attention to the viewer, as if she thought that he wanted to ask her something. She certainly thinks that this adult person has disturbed her again because of some incomprehensible nonsense, because he does not understand that she is engaged in an important business for her. The girl’s discontent shows Renoir through her piercing eyes and tight lips.

There are conflicting opinions about whether it is a boy or a girl. The hairstyle and outfit of the child at that time were characteristic of all children of that age group, regardless of their gender.

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