Self-portrait by Alexey Venetsianov

Self portrait by Alexey Venetsianov

Alexei Venetsianov was very gifted, however, only he did not rely on his gift. Even from his youth, the young man aspired to learn the artistry. First he studied independently, and later became a student of Borovikovsky. The talent of the young man was difficult not to notice, he especially succeeded in portraits, and very soon Venetsianov became in demand.

This work has become one of the famous and vivid his paintings. Using, in practice, only a brown color and its shades, the painter created a surprisingly lively image, with accuracy not only gave a complete, flawless similarity, but also his own state

of mind.

The entire canvas is imbued with an aura of nobility, dignity, and at the same time, responsibility and readiness for business, work, and deeds. A thin frame does not hide, but on the contrary, it emphasizes large, attentive eyes. Their deep gaze, the serene line of eyebrows shows us a man keen on his business. Soft chin and strong lips speak of kindness, cordiality, but not weakness. The snow-white gate emphasizes the commitment and discipline of the Venetsianov himself.

In his hand a brush, because work has always occupied Venetsianov’s leading role in life. Here and on the “Self-portrait” he is depicted at work. Fingers on the brush lie easily, freely – as he wrote his pictures – freely and easily. “Self-portrait” snatched only a moment from the artist’s life, but this moment is described so brightly that you involuntarily wait for a question or movement. The artist, as if only hailed, he was distracted briefly to listen to the interlocutor, and then again to delve into his amazing world of painting.

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