Handing over the baby Moses by Sebastiano Ricci

Handing over the baby Moses by Sebastiano Ricci

Painting by Italian artist Sebastian Ricci “Handing over the baby Moses to Pharaoh’s daughter”. The size of the painting is 72 x 61 cm, oil on canvas. This picture of Ricci on the Old Testament plot is known under the name “Finding Moses.” Moses is the great liberator and legislator of the Jewish people, who lived at the end of the XVI and the beginning of the XV centuries BC. Moses received his name from the Egyptian princess, the daughter of Pharaoh who rescued and raised him; it means “taken from water.”

According to the biblical narration, a child born to Amram

and Yochebeda, in view of Pharaoh’s order to beat all male male infants, was put by his mother in a tarred basket and lowered into a reed on the Nile, where Pharaoh’s daughter had come to bathe Pharaoh’s daughter; she took him to her and gave him a brilliant education.

This kind princess was Termutis, daughter of Ramses II, or, according to another assumption, Hat Asu, daughter of Totmes I, the famous later independent ruler of Egypt from the XVIII dynasty. Moses was devoted “in all the wisdom of Egypt,” that is, in all the secrets of the religious and political outlook of Egypt.

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