Finding Moses by Paolo Veronese

Finding Moses by Paolo Veronese

Once in Egypt, the new Pharaoh came to the throne to be afraid of the growing influence of the Israelis who lived well in Egypt and they became more and more.

Pharaoh ordered the killing of all the children of the Israelite male. At this time in one pious family of Israelis a boy was born. He was beautiful, and his mother was horrified at the thought that the Egyptians would kill him. For three months she hid it, but the boy grew up, began to voice. It became dangerous. Then she decided to throw it. She carried the basket with her child to the deserted place of the Nile, where Pharaoh’s daughter often

bathed, and hid it in the reeds.

Soon, Pharaoh’s daughter appeared on the shore with her maidens and slaves. They found a basket with a lovely child, and Pharaoh’s daughter regretted the boy and decided to take him with her. At that moment a girl approached them and asked if they needed a wet nurse for the boy. The daughter of the pharaoh answered in the affirmative. Then the girl brought them a young woman, her mother. So the child, who was called Moses, which meant “taken from the water,” appeared a nurse, her own mother.

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