The Test of Moses by Fire by Giorgione

The Test of Moses by Fire by Giorgione

The painting “The Test of Moses by Fire” was created by the Venetian artist Giorgione around 1502-1505. The size of the painting is 89 x 72 cm, wood, oil. The artist’s early works are mainly devoted to religious themes.

This picture of Giorgione also has another name, “Moses before Moses before Pharaoh” and reflects one of the episodes of the life of the prophet Moses during his stay in Egypt. Moses, the Bible is the first prophet, the founder of Yahweh religion, the legislator and political leader of the Israeli tribes, who led their exodus from Egypt and the founding of the state in Canaan. According to the Bible, Moses came from the tribe of Levi, was the son of Amram and Jochebed, the brother of Aaron and the prophetess Miriam.

At the time when he was born, the cruel Pharaoh ordered the extermination of all Jewish male infants, so the mother hid Moses for three months, and then put it in the basket and hid the baby in the reeds. Here he was found by the daughter of the pharaoh, who gave him to be brought up by a wet nurse who, by a miraculous coincidence, turned out to be Moses’ own mother.

The daughter of Pharaoh fell in love with Moses as her own son. But the young man saw how the Egyptian overseer beat the Jew. Killing the Egyptian, Moses is hiding in the land of Midian. Moses marries Zipporus, the priest’s daughter from this land. Chapter 3 of Exodus describes the appearance of Moses on Mount Horeb of the angel Yahweh from a burning and incombustible thorn bush.

God gives Moses the ability to work miracles and sends out the sons of Israel from Egypt. Moses and his brother Aaron come to Pharaoh and demand to release their people, but Pharaoh only introduces new obligations for Jews, and they murmur against Moses. After the miraculous transformation of Aaron’s rod into a serpent, devouring the Egyptian sorcerer’s snake staff, Yahweh sends through Moses ten executions of Egypt. Pharaoh lets go of the Jews, but then starts after them in pursuit. The waters of the Red Sea, according to the sign of Moses, part ways before the Jews, and Pharaoh drowns with his army.

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