Dissatisfied desire by Salvador Dali

Dissatisfied desire by Salvador Dali

“Dissatisfied desire” can be considered as one of the works of the series, including “Senicitas”. Both paintings have a sparkling blue background, which Dali will apply in his classic works of 1929, including the “Great Masturbator.” They also have a body, dissected into parts, unnaturally pink.

Both “Senicitas”, and “Dissatisfied desire” are devoted to the topic of sex; this topic, which will dominate Dali’s creative work next year, just appeared at that time. Two pink forms lie opposite each other. The one on the left depicts both male and

female genitalia, which is a hint of masturbation.

On the right is a pair of extended legs against the background of real sand and small shells. On the left leg instead of the knee is a vagina, from which a trickle of oozing blood. At the top, a thumb is sketched out with a red line similar to the one on the bottom, symbolizing the fear of castration.

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