From calm to the hurricane by Ivan Aivazovsky

From calm to the hurricane by Ivan Aivazovsky

The picture of Aivazovsky “from the calm to the hurricane” in my opinion, is one of the greatest works. I looked at the picture and saw how a calm sea turns into a storm in a few seconds.

The work is done in dark colors. The artist compels with the heroes to survive the approaching and coming element. I saw how a calm sea turns into a restless beast, ready to absorb everything that is nearby. I involuntarily began to empathize with the heroes who were in the boat. Let this boat be portrayed in a calm time, I came up with a sequel, and swam in this boat across the whole picture. I was able to see a storm and a storm. Especially my attention was drawn to a wave that was about to cover people or turn the boat around.

Aivazovsky uses on this canvas only cold shades, ranging from blue and ending with black paints. This picture, it seemed to me, reflects the stages of human life. So, for example, a calm sea is a carefree childhood and a youth of a person, the approaching storm shows us the adult life of a person, with all the problems and adversities, and the storm is the old age of the person in which he clings to his life. After experiencing all three stages of a person’s life, I wanted to stay in my youth, as the impending storm and storm frighten me with my problems and difficulties.

This work of art was written by Aivazovsky in 1982. According to many, this picture was an experiment in his work. In my opinion, his experiment was a success. The work made me think and plunge into this element. I would be scared to be in the middle of the storm, I would choose the complete calm and smooth sea.

Paintings of this artist involuntarily make you think about your life and your plans. I thought this work was gloomy, I did not have enough brightness, and a calm sea, probably because I’m very afraid of storms and storms. I think Aivazovsky is a brilliant artist, his paintings make me fantasize.

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