Coast of Dalmatia by Ivan Aivazovsky

Coast of Dalmatia by Ivan Aivazovsky

Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich was an artist-traveler. His whole life since birth was connected with the sea. He loved him very much, what his paintings prove. Wherever he was, he always returned with sketches, sketches, rough drafts of the sea. He could write how noisy raging waves smash the ships and presented them with great elements, and a calm, calm sea with sunsets.

My favorite work of Aivazovsky is a picture of the “Dalmatian Coast”. Most of all I’m amazed by the sunset. The sun has almost rolled over the banks on the opposite side, but the light still very brightly illuminates the

sky and paves the way for two ships slowly floating on the water. On the shore, two women embraced, headed, apparently in the direction of the city. They are upset, perhaps, they spent a close person on a long voyage. A small boat, moored to the shore, gently rocks on small waves.

The entire open view is depicted in some dim light. Perhaps, this pre-evening sea haze intertwines with bright sun rays, creating a kind of mystery and vastness. Such works can be admired for a long time, presenting themselves ashore in the fog of a sea breeze.

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