Abandoned terrace by Stanislav Zhukovsky

Abandoned terrace by Stanislav Zhukovsky

“Abandoned terrace” – a painting written in 1911, which is now in the Tula Art Museum.

In the painting Stanislav Yulianovich, often referred to as “the singer of noble nests,” portrayed the fall.

The artist was able to display this autumn day well.

Colors for this work S. Yu. Zhukovsky picked up colorful, saturated so that the viewer saw before him a sunny day, but at the same time, that he felt the cold autumn air.

Fallen leaves from the trees lie everywhere on the table, under a bench, on the floor.

On the table, a bouquet of flowers is as yellow as the color of the sun’s rays and foliage on the trees. There are also a few flowers lying right on the table – as a symbol of fading beauty.

And against the background of a general withering and abandonment, the turquoise, clear sky as a symbol of renewal.

From the picture as if pouring sun rays, there is an autumn smell, spreading from the flowers.

From the picture you can not take your eyes off, it fills the heart with joy and raises the mood, although the fate of its author was not as bright.

At the beginning of the war of 1939-1946, the artist, being in his native Poland, was arrested and sent to one of the concentration camps, in which he died in 1944.

Stanislav Yulianovich left behind him many outstanding paintings, which are still stored in museums of many countries.

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