Betrothal of the Mother of God by El Greco

Betrothal of the Mother of God by El Greco

The features of unreality are most clearly evident in the late works of the master, among them “Betrothal of the Mother of God.” This picture remained unfinished, it is believed that this is the latest work of an aged master. The brush of Joseph, stretched in the direction of the young bride, remained unfinished.

In the paintings of El Greco, yellow, green, blue colors dominate, interspersed with separate splashes of black, red and white.

Multilayered painting, complicated by technique, already has an emotional character in itself: the texture is dynamic, the colors are poured, unexpected reflexes flash, the ghostly light flickers. The stretched proportions of the figures, exalted pale faces, nervous gestures, the boundlessness of the fantastic environment around the characters, as if specially created for miracles and visions, create intense emotional expressiveness in later paintings.

It is assumed that the picture was ordered for the decoration of the Hospital de la Caridad, dedicated to the Virgin. In the documents it is not mentioned, but it is indisputable that according to the manner of writing, nerve smears, and the persistence of forms, it refers to the late period of the great master’s work. The third right figure is supposedly a self-portrait of the artist himself, and resembles the figure of the apostle from the “Descent of the Holy Spirit.”

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