Lexington by Guy Johnson

Lexington by Guy Johnson

In the picture “Lexington” of the American artist Guy Johnson we see the corner of the evening London. The old cafe is decorated with bright festive flags and British flags; an expensive car is exposed as a prize for a lottery.

A girl who looks like a dancer from the “Chapiteau” bows to the invisible public, holding onto the edges of the striped skirt. In the middle of a small courtyard near the entrance to the cafe, a drunken woman with a distant look also tries to portray a dance. In her heart on this warm evening, apparently, a shadow flashed memories of that little girl in a light

dress, which she once was herself.

The girl from childhood made a farewell curtsey to her, and she did not manage to warm the hardened heart, worn out by loneliness for a little while. Suddenly, a simple composition attracts attention, leaving the viewer indifferent. The influence of surrealism is preserved in this picture and in many other works of Guy Johnson.

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