After the rain by Apollinarius Vasnetsov

After the rain by Apollinarius Vasnetsov

A romantic in the soul, a man whose character, as he himself admitted, was dominated by “imagination, fantasy and dreaminess”, Apollinarius Vasnetsov subtly felt and knew how to convey the poetry of beauty, seeking them in nature. In his landscapes, the artist sought to convey to the Russian people the idea of ​​the greatness and strength of our land.

In the mid-1880s, epic notes began to appear more clearly in his works. They first appeared in the pictures “Motherland” and “After the Rain”, very similar in motive, content, size and picturesque manner. These

works are full of deep ideological, philosophical content.

In the painting “After the Rain” is depicted an ordinary, unremarkable corner of Russian nature. The wind chases clouds through which the rays of the sun make their way, illuminating the gentle hills, the white bell tower of the village church and several peasant houses. Quiet and lonely around, and only a lone figure of a woman goes to the village on a washed road.

The gray-green color scheme of the picture underscores the monotony of the terrain. But along with the sense of commonness there is a special elevation in the landscape. We have before us a generalized image of the Motherland of the artist – a great and long-suffering Russia.

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