After a rain by Fedor Vasilyev

After a rain by Fedor Vasilyev

A place of honor among the masterpieces of painting, stored in the Tretyakov Gallery, is occupied by the beautiful landscape of Fedor Vasilyev “After the Rain.” Talented, received the recognition of his contemporaries, the artist, with amazing skill, managed to show the beauty and grandeur of Russian nature through a seemingly inconspicuous, simple landscape.

It just rained. He brought with him freshness, watered the earth and filled the air. Apparently, the downpour was quite strong – the roadside ditches are full of water, the road itself is washed out and buried in deep puddles. It will not be easy for the horses, pulling a cart loaded with hay. What savory was the thunderstorm for the trees – many of them, broken by strong gusts of wind, fell along the road.

In his works Vasiliev always paid much attention to the image of the sky. And this time it takes up most of the canvas. The storm passed, and now the sky is painted in a bright blue color. The lower part of it brightens from the rays of the sun that awakens after a bad weather.

Fresh, joyful, filled with hopes for a fine summer day picture.

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