Noon. Warm rain by Alexander Gerasimov

Noon. Warm rain by Alexander Gerasimov

Someone likes a storm, especially if it is in May. And I am ready to devote to this topic and poetry, and pictures. Thus, AM Gerasimov decided to please his unchanging admirers. How many emotions and feelings I have when I look at the picture “Noon, Warm Rain”! What is depicted on it? How does it all help to feel like a great artist?

Rain always woke in the soul of a creative person tenderness and a desire to perpetuate their ideals. The audience does not remain indifferent, they make their huge contribution to each work. After all, they have to evaluate every creation of the hands and imagination

of the artist. And they do it, expressing their opinion sincerely. Thus, they become accomplices and co-creators. That’s what a huge role I took myself. Therefore, I can safely speak and dream.

What do I see in the picture “Noon Warm Rain”? A window that divides figuratively all into two parts. Outside the window is a small garden with a birch and lilac bushes. Probably, it was from these bushes that the flowers standing on the windowsill were torn off. A low fence allows you to look into the distance and see a gently green meadow and thunderclouds in the rainy sky. A light wind develops curly birch branches and carries drops of bold rain to the window and window sill. The openwork curtain only decorates the terrible sky, making it not as frighteningly frightening as it wants to seem. The air warmed by daylight has time to heat small drops, therefore the rain goes pleasant, warm. Delicate tone of the picture by Gerasimov AM show that the day has not passed beyond the middle, and there is still hope to go out after the rain to walk, run along the wet grass, go to the pond.

The picture is alive, breathing. And even it seems that it is also changing. A wet window sill displays the sky with its purple tones and broadcasts heat. Ringing drops that knock on the window are audible even years later. Luscious scent of lilac, which because of the rain has become thousands of times stronger, will be felt from one glance at the bouquet. The rustling of the curtains, the warm gentle breeze, everything seems real. I also wanted to capture the whole picture. But only Gerasimov AM was able to stir up the flight of imagination and revive my imagination!

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