Young woman with a water jug ​​- Jan Vermeer

Young woman with a water jug ​​  Jan Vermeer

Jan Vermeer lived all his life in Delft, due to which he received his nickname. Nowadays the artist is known as one of the largest representatives of Dutch art of the 17th century, but in the last years of his life Vermeer was forgotten, his work was remembered only in the second half of the 19th century. and only then did they appreciate it. Vermeer was born into a family of a silk merchant and paintings and later continued his father’s business.

Painting the future artist, presumably, studied under K. Fabricius. In 1653 he joined the guild of St. painters. Luke, several times was the dean of the guild.

Having enjoyed authority among the painters, Vermeer nevertheless lost customers at the end of his life and for the last five years he did not touch the brush.

The painting “A Young Woman with a Water Jug” was created at a time when the artist’s creativity was experiencing the highest rise. Painting Vermeer at this time acquired a special elegance, aristocracy. At the same time, there are no emotional accents or bursts in it, the general tone of the works is full of peace, inner harmony between the “world of things” and man.

Other famous works: “Glass of wines Between 1658 and 1660. State museums, Berlin,” Weighing pearls woman “1660 National Gallery, Washington” Artist’s Workshop “, Ser. 166 (Museum of Art History, Vienna.

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