Out of the Lake by Georgia O’Keefe

Out of the Lake by Georgia OKeefe

During her long fruitful life, Georgia O’Keefe created two and a half thousand works. Favorite themes of the artist were a variety of plants, skulls and bones of animals, but among her works are such as “From the lake”

You can draw the sea as real as possible, with all the details, like Aivazovsky; you can, like Monet, put your vision of the element of water first; or you can, like Georgia O’Keefe, show not the water surface itself, but your feelings and emotions when you look at it. And any person will immediately understand what the artist wanted to portray.

It is difficult

to talk about the plot of the work, when it is simply not there. The sensations of the artist are shown in this picture, but what she saw at that moment will forever remain a mystery. Lines, colors, shapes, edges – everything mixes up in a picture, but mixes up in a special order, giving rise to emotions close to the mood of the artist when creating this canvas. You should not take her work literally, and wait for something unexpected to appear from the waves of the lake.

Enjoy the author’s fantasy, with each fresh look at the picture you can always notice something new, unusual, previously unknown; the author’s emotions each time sucks deeper into the lake of fantasy. Each viewer understands the work in his own way, and this is a special pleasure for both the viewer and the artist.

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