The Jewish Bride by Rembrandt van Rijn

The Jewish Bride by Rembrandt van Rijn

Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn “The Jewish Bride”. The size of the picture x 121.5 166.5 cm , oil on canvas. “Rembrandt would be different if he did not have to be literal, as in the portrait when he could write, to be a poet, a creator.

They it acts in the film “The Jewish Bride”. It is necessary to die several times in order to write well, “- these words can be applied to this picture. “On the paintings by Frans Halsya can talk – he is always on the ground, Rembrandt is so immersed in the mystery of what it expresses is, to which no language has no words” – so said Vincent van Gogh about this picture. Sure, it’s – portrait image, but whose?

Perhaps Jewish poet Don Miguel de Barrios and his wife, or rather his son Rembrandt Titus and Magdalena van Loo? Or goldsmith Jan Lutmy Jr. and his bride? This picture – a portrait, where the figures play certain roles, they depict the Old Testament couple Isaac and Rebekah, who had settled in the land of the Philistines, and out of fear of posing as brother and sister. But once “Abimelech king of the Philistines looked out the window, I saw Isaac playing with Rebecca, his wife”, after which he took both under his protection.

An earlier drawing by Rembrandt even includes an image viewer window of the king, for example the drawing served as an image of the same biblical scene of Raphael in the Vatican loggias. It is also possible that the effect of certain traditional image – Jacob and Rachel’s motive -otrazilis in this picture. But how high Rembrandt raised its interpretation, it is clear to every word of the Bible text “game” is nothing but the enjoyment of the love game, and the composition of the image comes from the fact that the sitting bride, “Rebekah,” throws his leg over the thigh of her husband.

The painting “The Jewish Bride” – the supreme and final point in an effort to combine the special Rembrandt and universal. It reaches its target in two ways surrounding his life he sees as part of the Old Testament, and casual pose, casual gestures brings to the firmly entrenched, and again repeated explanation of Mediterranean art. As in every masterpiece of poetic myth, his incarnation and make an excuse here integrally.

Rembrandt painted a random love couple in the form of Isaac and Rebekah. Is the traditional hand gesture to the Jewish betrothal or not, this painting – left over from antiquity compelling character stored commonwealth, painting, consecrated sense of Rembrandt, one of the breathtaking scenic masterpieces of the world “.

This picture is incomparable triumph of painting by Rembrandt of its wasteful world of colors applied with a palette knife stand flaming red and sun-golden color, which run through the bronze-green flash. This picture – a thrill to behold, full of “the greatest and most natural movement” that sounds passionate and fervent hymn of every living thing.

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