Terrace in Sainte-Adres by Claude Monet

Terrace in Sainte Adres by Claude Monet

The canvas is interesting for an unusual perspective and the fact that there is no central point in the composition. This work of Monet is significantly different from those that were written in a later period of his work. It is characterized by strict and correct construction, sharp outlines of the depicted objects and silhouettes. Fluttering flags and the wind of the steam pipes rising in the wind add to the product of dynamics, despite all the static nature of what is happening.

To create this amazing landscape, Monet uses a bright iridescent color palette despite the canons of realism existing at that time, which involved working with a brown-black gamut. Another innovation of the artist – the spots of pure paint, which seem to be casually laid over the image. Moreover, each brush stroke is not accidental.

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