House of Artists, view from the rose garden by Claude Monet

House of Artists, view from the rose garden by Claude Monet

Presented picture – the landscape of the impressionist Monet. It belongs to the late period of creativity, when the artist had two years left until his death, his hand was no longer as firm as before, and the operation carried on before his eyes played a cruel joke with the perception of color. Well, the picture is not made in the characteristic for Monet technique. In other words, there is too gloomy palette, which clogs the essence of the composition and contradicts the cheerful colors of the former Monet.

Viewing the landscape is best done from a certain distance. This is not an admonition, but good advice, which will help to cover the plot of the picture as a whole. The distance will combine a jumble of brushstrokes into something understandable and complete, into what can be personified with the display of a rose garden. This is a garden in Giverny. It is filled with exotic and has a complex landscape, on which Monet himself worked. Due to old age and the wrong grasp, Monet’s garden came to a certain desolation. The picture does not reflect all the beauty of plants and the change of flowering of one sort of flower, then another. The selected palette, most likely, was accidental, because the author had an operation on his eyes, and therefore stopped to catch the real colors. Therefore, the landscape resembles the time of twilight, and the summer heat with blood-red shadows.

The place to which the author has dedicated his work is connected with his personal experiences and the loss of dear people – both wives and one of his sons. At that time, Monet was content with caring for the ever-flowering garden in Giverny. The French province became a cozy haven of a still happy and young artist, and later turned into a lonely green place where the owner lived out his years. Analyzing the canvas in detail, you can see the lush head of the tree on the right, on the left side there are several separately growing trees and a scattering of rose bushes in the center.

Monet resorted to the imposition of chaotic strokes. This gave some dynamics to the leaves and flowers. The sky is yellow, bright and hot. Shadows under the bushes do not have contrast and aggressively mixed with red and pink petals and buds. Monet did not waste time on a detailed letter and worked with the total mass of plans that add up to a clear picture, only at a distance, as mentioned earlier. The palette chosen by the author is warm, variegated, bright, like a warming gypsy scarf.

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