Still Life with Houseplant, Lemon and Orange by Paula Modersohn-Becker

Still Life with Houseplant, Lemon and Orange by Paula Modersohn Becker

“Still Life with Houseplant, Lemon and Orange”. Everything here is very rich, Paula doesn’t seem to have enough space, the houseplant just doesn’t fit in the picture, a large flower pot speaks about the large size of the plant, apparently a cactus.

But the flower did not become the main element of the composition. There are not many objects here, but they attract the eye. Here is a bowl filled with fruit, bunches of grapes hanging down. Orange and lemon are so bright, but they do not “fill” everything else with their screaming tones. Therefore, the vase sparkles with whiteness, balancing colors, and the tablecloth takes up a lot of space and brings tranquility to the neutral ocher color.

The artist has a striking sense of color, her paintings live their colorful life, going beyond the space of the canvas, they are always modern because they give us touch to the joy of life and enjoy the beautiful.

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