Still Life with a Pumpkin by Paula Modersohn-Becker

Still Life with a Pumpkin by Paula Modersohn Becker

“Still life with a pumpkin” is designed in a refined ocher-brown tones. The whole picture is subject to this color scheme – curtains, tablecloth and vegetables on the table. An elegant white patterned vase is adjacent to an ordinary ladle and onion in a simple clay bowl. Everything seems to be laid on the table for cooking, but at the same time very festive.

And the pumpkin itself – the center of the composition – is simply amazing. It is here that a bright ray of sunlight falls, it creates an amazing glow that sets everything around.

And the clear glass seems darker, and the bow is more prosaic, and the pumpkin – the queen of the plot – does not recline in the center, but on the side to the right, in all other objects balance the composition.

The picture is painted with gentle and precise strokes, everything is saturated with inexplicable tenderness, and this ability to impart sensuality to simple objects, to express the general mood and highlights Paulo Modersohn-Becker in a series of recognized artists of the early twentieth century.

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