Self Portrait in a Hat with a Veil by Paula Modersohn-Becker

Self Portrait in a Hat with a Veil by Paula Modersohn Becker

“Self-portrait in a hat with a veil” differs from her other self-portraits not only in the rich color range, but also in the way that the artist created here.

Before us is the social lady, without arrogance and arrogance, immersed in herself and at the same time watching everything that is happening around. Nothing escapes her attentive gaze.

She is deep in her thoughts, but her gaze is on herself, her eyes are big and a little surprised. She seems to be looking at herself in the mirror, and not looking at the viewer.

She herself seems a little strange and this secular gloss, and this defiantly bright curtains on the window, behind which you can not see the landscape. The pattern of the veil brings a romantic mood, although it is very determined. Looking a bit domineering, it is not typical for her other self-portraits.

In this work a lot of expression. There is even some concern in the big eyes. What complex problems does the artist solve now? Make peace with your husband? Return to Germany? Stay in Paris?

The answer has not yet been found, this is a time of difficult decisions with external well-being. It should be noted that during the period of the divorce, her husband Otto Moderzon helped her financially. Agree, a noble gesture, and not every man is capable of such generosity…

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