Self Portrait with Chain by Paula Modersohn-Becker

Self Portrait with Chain by Paula Modersohn Becker

In each self-portrait, Paula appears in a new look, but always charming. Immediate and open to the world, she peers into the surrounding space with surprise and is its harmonic part.

The color scheme is very restrained, the background and clothing of noble brown shades, the state of mind – the inner world of the artist and purposefulness – are skillfully conveyed.

It can not be called beautiful, but it always has charm, refinement. In this portrait she is refined and even a little strict. Clothes without pretensions, but with great taste all the details are selected, from the collar and the massive chain around the neck. No flowers, no butterflies.

This portrait is nothing romantic, but what self-immersion. Where is she looking at so closely? What is trying to understand, capture and capture in this rapidly changing world? It makes the viewer think with her and this is the main advantage of a true artist.

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