Still Life with Apples by Paula Moderzon-Becker

Still Life with Apples by Paula Moderzon Becker

“Still Life with Apples” Everything is cheerful, everything sparkles with mother of pearl – beads, a plate, small vases and a snow-white tablecloth. The plot arose from these objects, and the colors and precise lines embodied the artist’s intention.

The color range is amazing, all exquisitely delicate tones, echoes in a noble glow with pearls, creating a common festive mood, shimmering and complementing each other.

This is one of the earliest still lifes, but we see the confident hand of a master who, with precise and bold strokes, creates on the canvas a wonderful moment of joy and peace.

Do not often find among still lifes such a calm. I want to look at this beauty for a long time and fantasize. This work of art always reveals the imagination and creative thinking of the viewer. This is the power of the true talent of Paula Modersohn-Becker.

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