Still Life with a Yellow Jug by Paula Modersohn-Becker

Still Life with a Yellow Jug by Paula Modersohn Becker

“Still Life with a Yellow Jug” stands out among other restrained colors, but the style of Paula Modernzon-Becker remained unchanged. The paints are applied to the canvas with broad strokes and a simple form language is preserved. The brightest spot and center of the composition is the pitcher.

All items are written out with love and authenticity, you just feel how the crust will crunch on the buns, green onions and carrots will soon be cooked and the empty bowl will fill up.

In the meantime, carelessly thrown over a beige tablecloth and lovingly placed objects that we look at from above, noticing the smallest details.

In all her paintings there is the sun, although we see only glare on the dishes, but the feeling of a sunny morning always arises when looking at her cheerful still lifes. It is not clear how some experts see the opposition of living nature and frailty of existence. On these canvases, life in all its manifestations rejoices, even such simple and unassuming, as the kitchen and its attributes, simple ceramic tableware. Everyday things in her still lifes find poetry.

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