Wandering haulers by Ilya Repin

Pictures of Ilya Repin have their own amazing story. The artist carefully prepared the sketches and sketches for the paintings, so sometimes it took more than one year to work

Seeing a Recruit by Ilya Repin

There is no such person who would not know the name of the great Russian artist I. Repin. His paintings adorn the collections of the most famous museums, and the

Reading girl by Ilya Repin

Some claim that Repin’s sister-in-law is depicted on the canvas. If you look at the picture more closely, you will immediately see that it was from this canvas that Repin

Nun by Ilya Repin

The model was Sophia Alekseevna Repin, the sister of the artist’s wife. According to the memoirs of L. A. Shevtsova-Spore, the nieces of V. A. Repina, I. Ye. Repin, first

Negro Woman by Ilya Repin

The painting was executed by Repin during his stay in Paris as a pensioner at IAH. In the work one feels the passion for the work of the famous Spanish

On the turf bench by Ilya Repin

Ilya Efimovich Repin – an outstanding Russian artist. He created many magnificent paintings that are stored in many collections of museums and private collections. The artist painted several paintings dedicated