Mother’s Portrait by Ilya Repin

This portrait depicts the artist’s mother, Tatiana Stepanovna Repina, nee Bocharova. This early work of the young painter was performed during the holidays, when he, then a student of the

Denial of confession by Ilya Repin

Confessing in actions, not considering their sins, the revolutionary refuses, so you can briefly describe the plot of the canvas of the great painter. Only two people are depicted in

Belorus by Ilya Repin

In the Russian Empire, Belarusians are the most miserable and downtrodden people. Repin destroys this stereotype by creating a portrait of a Belarusian guy. Before us is a confident young

Turgenev by Ilya Repin

The gallery of portraits painted by I. Repin is huge and all-encompassing – he painted writers and academicians, noblemen and writers, Italian sitters and barge haulers on the Volga… the

Did not wait by Ilya Repin

Repin’s painting “Did not wait” has two options. In the first variant, a girl returned to the family, and she was met by two sisters. The picture was small. Following

October 17 by Ilya Repin

The Highest Manifesto on the improvement of the state order is a legislative act of the Supreme Power of the Russian Empire, promulgated on October 17, 1905. It was developed

Duel by Ilya Repin

The genre picture depicts the participants of the duel after the event. The artist has written very expressively the faces of the participants, especially the wounded, who extends his hand

Domaha by Ilya Repin

Returning in 1876 from a long trip abroad, Repin began with pleasure to write country life. Much of it was from the memories of his own childhood. Among the “rural”

Tsarevna Sofya by Ilya Repin

The painting shows a full-length large woman in a rich robe. The interior gives the opportunity to present a device of a rich cell for a noble person: an icon