Religious Procession in Kursk Province by Ilya Repin

Religious Procession in Kursk Province by Ilya Repin

The plot of Ilya Repin’s The Procession of the Cross in Kursk Province was a procession – the transfer of a miraculous icon from one temple to another, accompanied by a procession. However, the artist is not interested in a sacred act, but in a procession, characters, images.

In the center of the crowd, it is important that the rural rich people come out; the lonely, the poor, the poor are lacing along the edges. They are carefully pushed back by the gendarmes, seated on horses.

Attention is also attracted by the red-haired priest. With one hand he idly swings a censer, and the other he

straightens greasy hair. The icon is carried by a landowner, whose image is filled with arrogance and aversion to the people. Next merchant mince, as if protecting her from ordinary people.

Sympathy cause the figure of two parishioners. Women with dignity and humility are iconic kiot. They believe earnestly, sincerely.

Racial disunity could not reconcile even faith, deprived on earth, apparently, does not have to wait for a different fate in the kingdom of heaven.

The feeling of sadness, despair causes a young cripple on crutches, vainly trying to break through to the miraculous icon. But the miracle does not happen – it is pushed and oppressed by the village elder. In the eyes of a cripple faith, impulse, hope for healing. However, healing and protection are for the rich. The poor can only endure and accept.

The atmosphere of the reality of what is happening emphasizes the landscape: very natural and some kind of dusty, blurry.

The work caused a mixed reaction from the public. The progressive part of society appreciated the genius of the plan and the skill of execution. However, there were those who accused Repin of mockery of faith, ridicule of Christian values.

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