The vision of a youth Bartholomew by Mikhail Nesterov

The vision of a youth Bartholomew by Mikhail Nesterov

An important role in the picture of Nesterov M. V. is played by the landscape, which is quite emotional, corresponds to the mood of the characters. In the background we see a pale white-yellow sky. The main color in the picture is yellow, so that we can assume that it is early autumn.

In the distance, a wooden church is depicted, the two blue domes of which look like cornflowers growing on a green meadow. Behind it is a small village, and beyond the village – a vast expanse. There are vegetable gardens near the church. Dark green crops somehow remind cabbage. Thick forests are depicted on the sides, as if framing the picture, giving it depth. On the left a small river flows by bends.

In the foreground, the author portrayed the youth of Bartholomew and the Elder. The boy looks at the hegumen with admiration and great attention. Visible thin boy: emaciated face, bruises under his eyes. His light blond hair blends harmoniously with the flowers of trees and fields. The child prayerfully folded the thin and thin arms. His back and knees are slightly bent, he seems to intend to bow before the elder. The boy has simple peasant clothes of white color. The author wanted to show the purity of the children’s soul.

Before the lad is an old man. The hood hides his face, as well as the entire head, only a part of the old man’s gray beard is visible. She says that in front of the boy is an old sage. There is a nimbus around his head, which is almost dissolved in the yellow color of the trees. In the hands of an old man holds a casket with prosphora. He is wearing a black cape and a cape with red crosses.

The landscape in the picture is realistic, but the motif of fabulousness is visible in the depicted figures. The product causes a feeling of sadness and tranquility. The author showed the purity and beauty of Russian nature.

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