Couples in the Park d’Argenson in Asnieres by Vincent Van Gogh

Couples in the Park dArgenson in Asnieres by Vincent Van Gogh

This painting, written in 1887, Van Gogh called “The Garden with the Lovers.” Presumably, he wrote it during a short novel with Agostina Segatori, owner of a cafe in Montmartre, where paintings of artists were often exhibited. Van Gogh saw in gardens and parks the personification of lyrical mood and romanticism.

In the picture, the author’s interest in the technique of pointillism is noticeable, based on the optical mixing of shades with the help of fine dots of pure colors. However, Van Gogh did not use points. The whole picture is lined with small strokes of different size and direction.


is especially noticeable in the sky, where cold blue strokes are laid evenly next to the same neat strokes of a warm shade. The blue glimpses of the sky are visible both on the greenery of the park and on its paths. Calm rhythms, created by an even number of trimmed trees, create an atmosphere of appeasement, and the presence of lovers enhances romanticism.

The painting is written in an unusual format for Van Gogh: on the larger side its size was more than a meter. Before the composition was transferred to the canvas, a small sketch was created, as well as a sketch made in the technique of pointillism. In contrast to the main number of works of the author, this picture was written in the studio. She exhibited in the Paris salons for quite a long time, which once again speaks of its importance for Van Gogh.

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