Her name is VaiRumati by Paul Gauguin

Her name is VaiRumati by Paul Gauguin

Once in Tahiti, Gauguin aspires to reflect in his works not only the beauty and curiosity of the surrounding world, but also the features of the world view and way of life. The mythology of this region could not leave him indifferent. Enormous influence on the Polynesian period of creativity of the painter was his still young wife – Tehura. It was she who was the source of information that acquainted the European with the unusual legends of Tahiti.

At the heart of the picture “Her name was Vairumachi” is laid the legend about the Areoi society, which preached the idea of free love. All members of the secret society were allowed unrestricted connections with each other.

Of course, Gauguin was attracted to this story, but even more inspired by the legend of the occurrence of Areori.

One day, the great god Oro decided to find himself a chosen one on earth, and, following his goal, decided to visit all the islands, looking out to himself the most beautiful of mortals. However, his efforts were in vain – there was not that girl who could compare beauty and an article with the great Oro. And when Oro wanted to return to heaven, he noticed the beautiful Vairumachi from Boro-Boro. On a multicolored rainbow, Oro came down to Vairumati, who was already preparing a table of the most delicious fruits and a bed, covered with the finest mats. It was there that they surrendered to love, thereby laying the foundation for the existence of mysterious and free Areori.

As the viewer can see, Gauguin tried to literally illustrate the Polynesian legend. In the foreground we see a naked Vairumachi, at the feet of which there is a small table with fruits. Behind her stands Oro, whose hips are girded by a bright red loincloth. Gauguin tried to depict both heroes according to the aesthetic representations of the Tahitians – they are tall, golden-haired, stately, tall. At the same time, Vairumachi resembles the heroine of the ancient Egyptian reliefs, and it is not accidental. The painter took photographs of the antiquities of Egypt with him to the island and more than once they served as a source of inspiration for Gauguin.

The painting “Her name was Vairumati”, magical and beautiful, is now exhibited in the Pushkin Museum.

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