Good Samaritan by Rodolphe Breden

Good Samaritan by Rodolphe Breden

“Drawings of Breden’s pen are similar to the fantasy of hashish: everything in them has an equal value, it is an unimaginable chaos in which one needs to look long enough to be able to discern anything… But they are very curious: every branch of a tree hides a bird, monkey or insect.

The outlandish fauna is teeming with vegetation in these wilds, the cities are far away, the trees are intertwined, puddles, reeds, thistles, storks, hoopoes, clouds, swallows, harnessed dromedaries, and finally a satiated look reveals a man dressed in Turkish who comes to the rescue another, which is the explanation

of the name.

Meanwhile, the “Good Samaritan” can not be called the work of the first comer, yes, the creation is strange, painfully confused, devoid of originality, which was claimed, but it is a masterpiece of patience, “- Maxim Max Du Camp published in 1861.

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