Eva, the snake and death by Hans Baldung

Eva, the snake and death by Hans Baldung

Hans Baldung Green is an extremely original master, whose creativity is whimsically intertwined with Renaissance features with medieval symbols, fiction and elements of emerging Mannerism, an artistic direction that was developed in Germany during the years of reaction that followed the suppression of peasant wars.

To Durer, with whom he was in close personal friendship, Baldung Green is approaching in his schedule – in engravings and above all in drawings – the most interesting part of his work. They are especially interesting in that they show him as an inquisitive observer of nature. In Karlsruhe

there is an album of his sketches made in silver pencil, which for the most part both in character and skill are extremely close to Durer.

Among them you can find subtle sketches from the nature of the human body and separately – heads, arms, legs, beautiful portraits, charming images of children, drawings of animals – horses, lions, goats, parrots, accurately locating urban landscapes, carefully made drawings plants. Baldungu is not stranger to the interest in working on the proportions of the human body, as evidenced by a number of his drawings, and over ideal persons. All these works are of a purely Renaissance character. Very good are the ornamental works of Baldung – illustrations to the prayer book of Emperor Maximilian and drawings for colored window panes.

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