Evening. Golden Ples by Isaac Levitan

Evening. Golden Ples by Isaac Levitan

In the picture, the author depicted the slope of the Volga bank, illuminated by golden sunshine. The viewer is given a small coastal town. On the canvas painted sunset summer. Thus, the beginning of the sun is already setting, and its rays brightly illuminate the smooth surface of the river.

In the foreground, we see the slope of the coast, covered with burnt grass. A forest is spreading closer to the river. A little further is the path leading to the buildings. It is a small house built of white stone and having a red tiled roof, as well as a church and a bell tower. They add to the landscape a special charm and serenity. Even further in the haze of the approaching evening one can still see the houses. Most of the buildings of the town are hidden by trees and dense shrubs.

Due to the presence of sunlight on the water surface, it seems that there is no water in the river, but liquid gold. Volga seems endless, so the author has depicted all its natural strength and power. The majestic expanse of this landscape causes great admiration.

In the background is the other side of the river. It is already a little hidden by the haze of sunset, its whole look and outline merged into a single bluish-purple spot. The coast wilted in anticipation of the oncoming night, which will soon spread to the town on the other side of the river.

The canvas is filled with peace and tranquility. The quiet flow of water and the late sunset evoke the most pleasant impressions and memories from childhood. The author amazingly realistic depicts the whole palette of summer sunset, all the diverse beauty of summer nature.

Admire the picture “Evening. Golden reach” pushes us to the deepest thoughts, inspires spiritual harmony, peace and brings hope.

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