Evening on the Volga by Isaac Levitan

Evening on the Volga by Isaac Levitan

The painting “Evening on the Volga” attracts the viewer with its brevity. It depicts an early summer sunset, the clouds covered the sun, but still light. The twilight is gradually approaching.

A little far away on the horizon, the Volga merged with the sky, which creates the feeling that the water is infinite. The picture is quite voluminous and surprises with its realism. Thanks to the magnificent view of the river, it seems that you are standing on its bank. In the foreground you can see a gentle shore, it is covered with sparse, but bright grass. On the shore, near the water, there are several old fishing boats, but there are no people around.

The shore stretches far inland works. It seems that the river is endless, it goes beyond the edges of the canvas. The author portrayed the landscape very calm, but the cold bluish shades, which are mostly present in the picture, hide tension and sadness in themselves. Everything here is motionless – there is no wind, no ripples on the water.

You can feel the coolness of the evening, the smell of mud and freshness emanating from the water. The sky is hanging very low, is about to touch the water. The clouds are gloomy and gloomy, covering the almost sun-setting sun. But the rays still make their way behind the clouds before completely disappearing over the horizon. In the background you can see the shore, covered with shadow, dusk has already fallen on it in the distance.

The work carries an absolute philosophy. Here and the depth of experiences, and the image of loneliness and tension. The viewer has a desire to be on this shore, to think about the eternal, looking somewhere far away, where the sky and the river meet, the sun sets behind the horizon, where the darkness of the night approaches.

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