The banks of the Seine by Claude Monet

The banks of the Seine by Claude Monet

Claude Monet in the pictures reproduced his visual impressions that he experienced at a certain point in time in a certain place. This is the main idea of impressionism, which the artist has always been faithful.

Depicting nature, Monet always sought to find a joyful harmony of color combinations. In his landscapes there is no genre beginning – this is a pure aesthetic perception of the master. Claude Monet painted a series of paintings of a single object of nature in its different states in order to convey the unique color combination of colorful consonances. He sought to capture the variability, diversity

and uniqueness of the world.

On the canvas, “The Shore of the Seine” is captured overcast autumn day. The leaves are still not completely flown from the trees. The sky is hopelessly covered with gray clouds. Lead smooth surface of the river is calm and serene. In the background you can see the bridge over the Seine and the outlines of urban buildings with smoking pipes of the plant.

The foreground shows a part of the coast with still greening grass. To transfer the planned in the picture, the artist uses different techniques. If the river bank is written in broad pasty brushstrokes, then in the background, brushstrokes are hardly distinguished. The coloring of the first plan is warm, and the background – cold, which makes it possible to feel the airspace.

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